Lwa is a tool built with IndieWeb principles in mind.

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Scroll for Joy, Not For Monetization.

Lwa aims to take the best parts of your online social media experience and exemplify them to a point where being online and interacting with people is a happy experience. And if it's not, we aim to provide you with tools to reduce the amount of content that can bring you discomfort.


Lwa works by detecting the kind of content you're interacting with and aims to optimize the experience for that media type. View photos in all of their glory and enjoy your long-form articles with all of the intended prose marks!

Plug and Play

If you have a blog on the Web, you probably got full support to Lwa. If you don't, sites like micro.blog and Koype got you handled.

Support for platforms like Mastodon, Pleroma and the likes are being considered.

Safety Over Comfort

While Lwa is about accessing content, we also understand that the safety of the community of users is very important. Lwa supports content filter lists.

Learn more about what black.af is proposing to help people share their content in a safe way.